Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jars and the Sea

It all started here when I found this link on Pinterest. 

Who knew jars, food coloring, white glue and water could create such a pretty effect?

And who also knew the dozens of baby food jars that have accumulated since my aging Chihuahua Lucy,

It's true. I'm old and I get whatever I demand!

decided she only wants to eat baby food instead of, you know,

dog food,

could be used for something?

Oh!  I loved the results.  I combined green and blue food coloring to create a sea-like color:


But, I didn't like how the top of the jars showed  the screw top marks embedded into the glass.

What to do?

One glue gun and my massive of collection of shells later:

Sea Shells by the Sea Side

But now, what to do with my shell votive?  I consulted Pinterest and found this great DIY room refresher:

I decided on peppermint oil

The total results?

I'm super happy!

Thank you Pinterest,

Lucy the Dog,

my massive collection of shells

and a Sunday afternoon in my basement for making a really great room freshener.